Blue Arbor Cafe


Occoquan Craft Fairs

The Blue Arbor Café is open during the spring and fall craft fairs. We open early during these special events, so please join us from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon dessert. You can find out more about the Craft Fairs at Occoquan Craft Fairs are scheduled for the first full weekend in June and the last full weekend in September.

Potomac Nationals

The Blue Arbor Café is happy to be a sponsor of The Potomac Nationals baseball club. You’ll find our coupon (buy one, get one free) on the back of the ticket stub. Go P-Nats! You can find out more about the P-Nats at

Miss Rivershore Charters

The Blue Arbor Café often supplies box lunches for the hungry passengers on the Miss Rivershore Charters. The boat tours the Occoquan from spring through fall. You can find out more about the Charters at

Occoquan Holiday Open House

We love to deck the halls when the Blue Arbor Café helps kickoff the Christmas season. We’re open late (till 8:00 PM) on the Friday before Thanksgiving. You may win Blue Arbor gift certificates if you participate in the town drawing. You can find out more about the Holiday Open House at

Occoquan Riverfest

Join the Blue Arbor Café as we celebrate all that the Occoquan River offers our community. Our Café is open serving participants of the many recreational activities during this event. You can find out more about the Riverfest at